It was a grand night, indeed

On November 22, I walked onto the stage at the Westin in Ottawa in front of 450 people - the who's who in tourism in Ontario attending the Ontario Tourism Summit Gala. Master of Ceremonies and CBC TV celebrity, Heather Hiscox, announced that I had won the Tourism Champion of the Year from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.  The crowd went wild ...well, at least the people at my table. I had the pleasure of being in the company of my beautiful wife Pat and the wonderful staff of Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization.

Wacky Winter Weather

It is December 14 , 2015.  The temperature is 11 degrees C  and rain is falling. No snow in the Haliburton Highlands.  I have clients booked to go dog sledding on December 28 and given the long range forecast it looks like they may be getting a refund.  This whacky winter weather is having an impact on business. These conditions are a sign of things to come. Regardless of progress made in at the recent climate change talks in Paris , I am afraid we are going to lose our winters in the longer term.