Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride

“An adventure "dashing through the snow" pulled by a team of frisky black Percherons complete with harness bells. Driver competent and safety-minded, providing warm blankets and a friendly patter. A bonus was a friendly visit from a couple of donkeys and three other horses. Highly recommend this as a winter excursion.”

“It was fun – especially the fast downhill sections! Irvin was very accommodating, and I liked the variety of forest and field, and riding, stopping and visiting with all the animals.”

“I thought the ride was just the right length. Loved when we stopped & got to pet his other horses & donkeys. The scenery was lovely. I really like that he was kind & considerate to the team.”

“Fine horses and awesome driver” 

 “We enjoyed the ride in a picture book snowfall a great deal. The donkeys, a miniature horse, and two others appeared on cue to check us out for carrots or apples” 

 “Our ride was great!” 

 "Thanks for all your help, we all had an absolute ball on the sleigh ride - all the grandchildren were thrilled, both with the ride and with meeting all the animals."     

 "It was MAGICAL!  The driver was delightful, the property gorgeous and the entire experience perfect."  

 "The sleigh ride was fantastic. The gentleman was very comical and kept the conversation going with interesting stories as well as answering our many questions. The company on that evening was a real mixture of locals and not so locals."

"The sleigh ride was so much fun! Surprised a group of young men who were just going for their mum and girlfriends sake... everyone loved it!"

"We loved it!! It was so much fun, beautiful property, perfect length of time. Will definitely be booking this one again."

“It really was an enjoyable experience, mostly because of the company. The ride was fun. Washrooms onsite would be a great asset.”