Fall-ing in Love with Fall

It’s official - those lazy hazy days of summer have melted into memories and we are facing forwards into fall. As an adventure company, there’s always a bit of a shift between seasons. It is a common misconception that our adventures peak within the summer months. Of course, with the longer days and warmer weather, there is no shortage of opportunities to get outside and soak up that sunshine.


But what about the remaining seasons? Just because the temperatures drop, doesn’t mean we need to give autumn the cold shoulder. The bugs have retired for the season and in their place the leaves have exploded into a cacophony of colours. If you ask me, now is the time to explore, to get outside, to smell the crisp, fresh air, and prepare - physically and mentally - for the upcoming winter.


Yours Outdoors offers a series of adventures to embrace the autumn aura, including rock climbing, zip-lining through the trees, and high-ropes courses for those avid outdoorsy people, those people who believe there is no such thing as “bad weather,” just bad clothing.


For some, fall signifies a time to start bunkering down, getting cozy, and celebrating warmth. What better place to do that than at the hottest place in the County? You can check out our glass-blowing workshops to reach a whole new level of warm. Looking forward to bundling up with a cozy cup of tea? Check out our pottery workshops to make your own mug; I guarantee it will be your new favourite.


So, don’t fret - you no longer have to feel that post-summertime sadness. Take a deep breath of that cool fall air, because it’s time to embrace the change of the seasons; the fresh start that we are given once again. Just because the summer ends, doesn’t mean your adventures have to.



By Emily Stonehouse


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