Following the Path of the Paddle

In this day and age, we are moving fast. Too fast? Maybe. That's up to individual interpretation. Either way, there are no real signs of slowing down, so we, as humans, need to create those moments of recollection for ourselves in order to maintain sanity in this ever-changing world. 

We can all agree that taking a step away from the whirring of our everyday lives and into the wilderness answers problems we didn't even know existed. My personal preference to attain clarity takes this escape one step further: to the water, to follow the path of the paddle. 

Paddling is the ultimate unwinding opportunity. It is somehow meditative yet structured, calming yet awakening; offering the desirable dream of simply losing yourself in order to find yourself once again.  

This past week we had two experiences booked that required a paddle in hand. We had individuals with us from Chile to Philadephia and everywhere in between, seeking the solace that can only be offered on the water. Although we offer these experiences as our business, we can't help but take a step back to reflect on our own lives every time we are reconnected with the opportunity to paddle. 

So take this as a reminder to unwind. Life can be busy, fast, hectic, overwhelming, yet there is always an escape. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, slip into a boat and let your spirit wander down the path of the paddle. 

For more paddle inspiration, check out film simply titled The Canoe:

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Article by Emily Stonehouse

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