It was a grand night, indeed

On November 22, I walked onto the stage at the Westin in Ottawa in front of 450 people - the who's who in tourism in Ontario attending the Ontario Tourism Summit Gala. Master of Ceremonies and CBC TV celebrity, Heather Hiscox, announced that I had won the Tourism Champion of the Year from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario.  The crowd went wild ...well, at least the people at my table. I had the pleasure of being in the company of my beautiful wife Pat and the wonderful staff of Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization. They were pretty happy that I had won this prestigious award.

The 2016 Tourism Champion of the Year for Ontario, imagine that. It is a great honour that draws attention to my business, the Haliburton Highlands and Ontario's Highlands. I have worked hard to build Yours Outdoors into a viable business, developing partnerships and facilitating collaborations in the tourism industry in the Haliburton Highlands and the region, and giving back in many ways to this amazing community. I have been overwhelmed with the emails, cards, phone calls, and hugs of congratulations.  This award has put a spring in my step.  I am inspired to continue to develop and offer authentic awesome adventures. Thanks to all who have been part of my journey.


This is great. Congrats, Barrie!

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