Our Commitment to You

Customer Services

Some Like it Hot experience packageYours Outdoors is committed to providing every customer, every time with exceptional customer service. We strive to understand your needs, and provide you with safe, timely, quality experiences and services. Our relationship with you will be friendly, responsive, and hopefully lasting.


We constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our experience packages and services. We innovate and try to create unique experiences not found elsewhere. We draw upon the wonderful resources found in the Haliburton Highlands. All packages are field tested, evaluated and refined. We step outside the typical tourist experience by providing you with authentic real world activities, connecting you with local communities, and introducing you to the fine folk, characters and warm hospitality of Haliburton Highlanders. You also will take home great memories, make new friends, and strengthen bonds if you are with friends and family.

Choice and Flexibility

We have created a variety of fully guided packages for you to choose from with more under development. These packages can be modified to meet your needs and interests. For example, with many of the packages featuring local musicians, we are happy to arrange for a performance to suit your musical tastes - folk, jazz, blues, classical, or country. While many of the packages identify specific accommodation we are happy to arrange for other types. You may also book Yours Outdoors packages through various accommodators throughout the County. Packages are available without accommodation if you have made your own arrangements, are staying in a cottage, with friends and family, or are a local resident.

Our packages are currently offered as 1 to 3 day packages. All packages can be extended to fill those additional vacation days with more exciting activities or to provide you with a more in-depth learning experience. For example the Haliburton Rocks package is designed for those with a general interest in geology or are novice mineral collectors. This package can be modified or extended to meet the needs of the more experienced collector or geology enthusiast.

Value for Your Money

Our packages are rich in experiences and services, the best available in the Highlands. We seek to add extra value to your package by paying attention to the details, adding extra special touches, and providing one-of-a-kind experiences.

Comfort and Safety

We want your experience to be comfortable, healthy, safe and within the range of your physical capabilities. Each package is given a Physical Challenge Rating, which indicates how much physical activity is required to participate in it. This rating helps you choose a trip that is suitable to your level of fitness and abilities, and one that you will enjoy taking part in.

Yours Outdoors has a flawless record of providing low risk quality experience packages without incident or accident. This clean safety record is the result of a combination of common sense, safe practices, and solid, well-designed risk management planning. We are committed to following a disciplined risk management process in which business risks are assessed and managed on an ongoing basis with a goal of continual improvement. We will adopt best risk management practices throughout the organization. Yours Outdoors has developed a risk management plan for each experience package.

The Environment

In addition to our experience packages that foster awareness and understanding of the natural environment and sustainable living, we also adhere to the green and ecotourism principles. Yours Outdoors is committed to:

  • Supporting local economies, businesses and communities to ensure economic vitality and sustainability by purchasing local goods and services;
  • Maintaining small-group sizes to limit negative social and environmental impacts;
  • Offering low impact non-motorized recreational activities;
  • Reducing impacts by providing vans or carpooling to transport customers to activity locations; no use of disposables, recycling, and avoiding environmentally sensitive areas;
  • Contributing time and financial contributions to local environmental initiatives; and
  • Respecting and appreciating cultural diversity.