May The Forest Be With You

Wed Jan 9, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Peter Hynard and Ernie Demuth are professional foresters who are passionate about the forests of the Haliburton Highlands. They have spent their work and leisure time exploring and learning about forest ecosystems and the forces that shaped our forests into what they are today. They will tell stories of how nature and humans have changed Haliburton Forests over many years and how change continues. They will share insights into the art and science of forest management and what we can do to help insure the health and sustainability of our woodlands and landscapes. Topics will include glaciation, human settlement, logging, succession, wildfire suppression and invasive species with an emphasis on Beech Bark Disease that is currently ravaging our forests. You will also hear some of their personal stories as foresters and concerned citizens.

Ernie's love of nature experienced through canoeing, cross country skiing and hiking eventually led him to forest management and silviculture. Ernie is a Registered Professional Forester who has over 20 years of experience working on both private and public lands. He is the owner and operator of Demuth Forestry Service and is a Plan Approver for the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program.

In his nearly 50 years as a professional forester, Peter has worked in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, on both Crown and private land and for both industry and government. His longest posting was with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Minden, where he retired in 2006. Peter continues to work part-time as a field forester today. His specialties are timber sales on large private properties and forest audits on large Crown timber licences. His talk on forest history is a reprise of a presentation he made at the Minden Cultural Centre in 2017.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local conservation organization.
Peter Hynard is the featured presenter at this month's speakers series
Fish Hatchery at 6712 Gelert Rd. Haliburton, Ontario.
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