Sogur: Haliburton to Iceland and Back Again

Wed Nov 15, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The distance between Haliburton and Iceland 4412.6 km one way. Clearly a bit of a trek, yet apparently a popular destination for Haliburtonians! Why you may ask? Join us for the upcoming Speakers Series, to hear 5 different stories of locals who traveled to Iceland, all sharing completely different experiences, intentions, and adventures. 

You will hear accounts from Pat and Barrie Martin, Carol Moffatt, Eleanor Dobbins and Cheryl Bathe, Alex Coop, Scott Walling and Jim Blake on such topics as Iceland before the tourism boom, the uniqueness of the environment and geography, the year of the volcanic eruption, impacts of climate change, the ins and outs of traveling the region with a tour company or just winging it from the get-go. 5 different perspectives with breathtaking photos

If you have ever had any interest in travel, tourism, new cultures, different languages, or just hearing your local friends swap stories about their adventures, then you do not want to miss this Speakers Series. Admission is $10 /per person. A portion of the proceeds  will go to a local conservation organization. 

HHOA Fish Hatchery - 6712 Gelert Rd. Haliburton Ontario
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