Skijoring - Tips & Tricks

Mon Jan 15, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm

Ready for something different?  Does your dog love to pull? Would you like to get in shape with your dog cross country skiing classic or skate style? Skijoring is a sport in which you cross-country ski with the assistance of your dog.

These session are good for people who already have had a lesson and want to continue building on the skills they need to be a more consistent human and dog team, with other people and dogs to help. This will include tips on technique for skijoring, as well as tips on reading your dogs thoughts better and making your thoughts as clear as possible to your dog! 

The session starts with 15 minutes of Tips and Tricks from Karen. (Eg. ideas to help you become a consistent dog and human team, ideas of how to manage different weather conditions for you and your dog as you train, nutrition ideas for you and your dog, ideas for maximizing the benefit of working with other teams on the trail, skijor technique, etc).

The middle of the session is for putting the Tips and Tricks into practice using the group energy to help motivate you and your dog. More experienced dogs are great motivators for dogs that are learning as much as more experienced people! Also there is an opportunity to rent and try different equipment such as kicksleds, different harness and lines etc.

The end of the session is a chance to discuss how the Tips and Tricks worked for you and your friends.


1 Tips & Tricks Session - $25

5 Tips & Tricks Sessions - $65

10 Tips & Tricks Sessions - $130

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