Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy an experience package with accommodation?

No – you may book any of our packages without accommodation. If you live locally, are a cottager or a visitor staying with friends or family you will, of course, not require accommodation. We will provide you with a central and convenient location to meet for the start of your adventure.

If you require accommodation, we are happy to recommend a resort, lodge, B&B, or a house keeping cottage or make a booking on your behalf. Please click here to see our see our recommended list of accommodators. The benefit of staying with a recommended accommodator is that we stand behind the quality of their service. Several also serve as pick-up locations for most packages. In some cases, depending on the location of the accommodation and the adventure, it may not be possible to pick you up there. We will provide you with a central and convenient location to meet for the start of your adventure.

I’m really interested in a package, but I can’t participate for the entire duration. Is it possible to join for a portion of the package?

While we think the best experience is to participate in the full one day or three day adventure, we understand that there may be time constraints, physical limitations or perhaps a singular interest in one aspect of the adventure and would be happy to accommodate you. For those participating in a part of an adventure, it may be necessary to provide your own transportation to/from the activity. Please note that in addition to one and three day adventures we are now offering more half day experiences.

Do you custom design packages?

Yes, we do. Give us a call anytime and we can talk about the possibilities. Once we have received your information and choices we will prepare an itinerary and cost for your consideration. Please make your request well in advance - 3-4 weeks, please. However, sometimes packages can be worked out at the last minute, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Can we get a group discount?

Group discounts are possible for groups of more than 6 people.

How do I make payment for my package?

You may pay by cheque, cash or with a credit card online through PayPal. Click here to make your payment online.

What training/experience do Yours Outdoors experience leaders have?

Yours Outdoors leaders are very knowledgeable and have a lot of guiding experience. They will ensure that your adventure is fun, rewarding and memorable. Your safety is of paramount concern to our experience leaders –they have first aid training, are certified in a variety of activities, and are guided by detailed risk management plans.

What are the Physical Challenge levels?

Each YO experience package is given a Physical Challenge Rating, which indicates how much physical activity is required to participate in it. This rating helps you choose a trip that is suitable to your level of fitness and abilities, and one that you will enjoy taking part in. Physical activity on Yours Outdoor experience packages fall into five categories.

Some Yours Outdoors experience packages include only one element that may increase the rating of the trip to a higher level. For instance, any package may be given a higher rating, even though the physically active aspect of the package may only be a small part of the overall adventure. In many cases, you may choose not to participate in these activities before or during your adventure.

Should you have any questions about the tours and specific difficulties, feel free to contact us: email or 705-754-3436.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

For most packages we provide all the equipment you will need. For other packages, we encourage you to bring your own equipment (bicycles, snowshoes, skis, etc) if you have it. If you do not own your own equipment we are able to provide it, for a reasonable extra fee. Supplies are limited so please be sure to request equipment at the time of booking.

If your adventure involves cycling and you are using rental cycles from Yours Outdoors, we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early to adjust and test drive the bicycle. This ensures that you are ready and comfortable for the tour.

Should we bring our own food?

No need! Yours Outdoors provides all meals and snacks. We pride ourselves on offering the best foods of Haliburton County. If you have dietary restrictions or preferences, please let us know well in advance and we will accommodate them.

What about those flying and biting insects?

Much of the year is relatively free of biting insects but they are present in spring and summer. Depending on the weather, black fly season typically starts in early May and goes until late June. Mosquito season usually starts in early June and lasts until August. Mosquitoes are usually worse at dusk and in damp forest conditions. For the bug season we recommend you bring a bug jacket, insect repellent and patience along. Yours Outdoors has a limited supply of bug jackets if you don’t have your own. And, of course, our experiences are so engaging it is very likely you won’t even notice the bugs!

What about the weather?

Our spring, summer and fall adventures go rain or shine. Please dress appropriately. In the cases of extreme weather we reserve the right to cancel the adventure or make changes to the itinerary. For our cycling adventures we have back-up vehicles to whisk you to the safety of the indoors.

As for our winter packages, it gets cold up here! We highly encourage you to throw in a few extra clothes if you have never experienced a Haliburton County winter before. Layers, heavy socks, insulated/waterproof boots, waterproof outer-clothing and proper hats and mitts are all recommended items to bring. Our tours are about experiencing how beautiful our Haliburton winters are which means that you will be out in it!

What is the best time to see fall colours?

Fall colours start to appear in early to mid September with the colours usually peaking in the last week of September and the first week of October. Later in October the colours shift from the red and oranges to still very beautiful yellows and browns. 

Are these packages appropriate for children?

Our packages are designed primarily for adults but may be able to under some circumstances accommodate youth 12 - 18 years of age. We occasionally offer packages design specifically for families. Be sure to check our web site often. We would also be happy to custom design an experience for families of 6 or more in size.

Are pets welcome on these adventures?

Sorry, we do not allow pets on our experience packages. That said we would consider designing a special experience for owners and pets.

What other events and attractions are there in Haliburton County?

Haliburton County has many events and attractions to see throughout the county year round. Visit or for up-to-date event listings and more information. Or check out special events and happenings on this site.

If you are on an extended visit after your Yours Outdoors adventure and are looking for other things to do, we would be happy to make some suggestions. Contact us by email or at 705-754-3436 for the insider view of all things great in Haliburton County.