Ghost Villages, Abandoned Railways & Lost Mines - A Hike Into History

A backcountry ramble through the mining sites of southern Snowdon Township active between 1870-1887. The tour will explore 4 mine sites, 2 railway lines, a colonization Rd. and the lost village of Furnace Falls: complete with smelter and marble quarry! All these sites were abandoned by 1887.  

This hike is led by local historian Guy Scott, who enjoys "re-discovering" lost parts of our past. He has led numerous historical bus tours and Ghost Walks. While writing a series about the Snowdon Iron Mines for the Kinmount Gazette, he discovered some long lost sites of the Great Iron Rush of the 1870s. Using clues dredged from old newspapers and documents, this hike will retrace many of these sites, abandoned over 125 years ago, but still visible. Bring your camera!

We are COVID cautious and compliant. 

2.5 Hours


Spring to Fall
Victoria Iron Mine on Lot 20, Concession 1 Snowdon
Physical Challenge Rating: 
up to 5 km - moderate difficulty
Price per person: 
From $15.00

Rates/person vary depending on group size.

9 persons +  15.00
8 persons 17.00
7 persons 19.00
6 persons 22.00
5 persons 26.00
4 persons 33.00
3 persons 45.00
2 persons 59.00

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