How to Fall in Love with Nature

“It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect NATURE’S sacred elements that gives life to all living things…air, water, soil and biodiversity.”

- David Suzuki

Our very survival depends on our ability to connect with nature. Experiencing nature will produce a new wisdom and vision about NATURE so we can love, nurture, conserve, restore and revive it. On this adventure, Rob Taylor, our gentle and engaging facilitator, will help nature speak to you through a series of activities including Earth walk, Earth talk, solitude time, journal writing, an introduction to earth mystics, and puzzles of nature (cycles of life). You will enjoy a delicious litterless lunch. There will be opportunity to share and discuss your experience and adventure, as well as what to take away from the day to improve your relationship with nature at home. 

ROB TAYLOR (B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed)

As I look back on my life and my teaching career of 30 plus years, I have been blessed! I had a passion for teaching with science, guidance, physical education and as well, outdoor education at the Peel Field Study Centres for 19 years. I ended my career developing and delivering a four-credit environmental program for grade 11-12 students for 8 years. These teenagers were with me for full days during the entire semester. Experiences in the Haliburton Highlands and Algonquin Park were unique to these city students – canoe tripping, camping, dog sledding, falling in love with nature, leadership opportunities, meal planning: purchasing, packaging and preparing, and team building. Community and school yard (courtyard) projects like creating a pond system, stream enhancements and butterfly habitat gardens were just a few of the many projects that this Earth Treasurer’s program offered. Even after 20 years, many students are still connected with each other and with me.

For my time spent in outdoor education with the Peel Board I was privileged to have taught grades Kindergarten to 12. During this tenure some of my experiences included:

  •  Writing a grade 5 curriculum document (Junior Ecologist) for the Peel Board
  • Offering workshops to teachers e.g., how to teach in the outdoor classroom & schoolyard
  • Co-chairing a major environmental conference (Earth Whispers) for 600 people
  • Program Co-ordinator for the campcraft portion of the Peel teachers canoe/campcraft certification course
  • Camp Director for the Peel summer camp


Community involvement with my three children offered special moments in coaching them soccer, hockey, rienteering and cross country skiing (Jack Rabbit Club). Canoe tripping and camping were truly valued as a family. As well, many weekends, special holidays and summers were spent at our cottage in the Highlands. After I retired from teaching my wife and I spent 7 years running the Solomon Knetchel House Bed & Breakfast (1897). Meeting so many people…it was truly about relationships.

Having spent so much time in the Haliburton Highlands with my family and students, we decided to live in this area that offers so much when it comes to NATURE, adventure, peace, simplicity and incredible forest and water cosystems. You naturally fall in love with it!

Even after all these years, I still have a passion for the outdoors – NATURE! Teaching people of all ages
in building a sense of relationship in both feelings (Heart) and understandings (Head) with the natural
world so we can begin to live more lightly and be part of improving the planet (Hands) has now become
my mission in life.

7 Hours
Abbey Gardens (1012 Garden Gate Dr.)
Physical Challenge Rating: 
Light walking, very easy. Available to all mobility levels/difficulties.
Price per person: 
From $85.00

$85/adult, $45/child (10 yrs +) Based on a minimum of 6 people. Private and semi-private rates are available. Rates includes 6 hours of facilitated activities, dynamic facilitator, vegetarian lunch, reusable lunch bag and a journal. Group maximum is 8.

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Additional Information: 

For the half day adventure, lunch is not included. Please bring your own ‘litterless lunch’ which you can enjoy in NATURES solitudes.

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This package can be customized according to your needs.
Other dates can be arranged with advance notice.

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