Scenic Qi Gong

Try some Mindful Movement this winter with a scenic hike with frequent Qi Gong stops.

A combination of deep breathing and light stretching, some have nicknamed Qi Gong; Kung-Fu Yoga. 
Qi Gong 氣功 translates to mean, "breathing practice". 氣   Qi = Air/breath, 功  Gong (or Kung) = Practice.

Qi Gong is a metarobic exercise, like Yoga and Tai Chi. This means low intensity, mindful movement combined with deep breathing to rejuvenate the body.




Physical Challenge Rating: 
some off-trail and on uneven ground
Price per person: 
From $59.00

Price per person: 

From $59.00 (2 hours) $110 (4 hours)


Rate is based on a minimum of 4 people. Private tours are also available

All rates subject to HST. 


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