Haliburton Sculpture Forest

I visit the Sculpture Forest often. It is a magical place that responds to the change of seasons and the changes in lighting over the course of a day. My camera is busy when I venture into the forest where it is art. 

The Haliburton Sculpture Forest, in Glebe Park near the village of Haliburton in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, Canada, is a unique outdoor collection of sculptures by Canadian and international artists. The trails in the Sculpture Forest—for walking and bike riding in spring, summer and fall and skiing in the winter—provide changing perspectives of the forest and the sculptures in each of the seasons.

The Sculpture Forest experience, which is unstructured and unscripted, is ideal for families looking for an interesting outing, for those who enjoy outdoor trails, and for people looking for a unique artistic experience. A Sculpture Forest map is available at the entrance to the Sculpture Forest. The Sculpture Forest shares the park with the Haliburton Highlands Museum and the Haliburton Campus of Fleming College, home to the Haliburton School of Art and Design - great places to visit after you tour the Sculpture Forest.

There is no charge for admission in spring, summer or fall but we always welcome donations. Trail passes are required for Nordic skiing in the winter. Visit www.skihaliburton.com for more information about the ski trails. 

Guided tours can be booked through Yours Outdoors.